Beyonce Writes A Touching Poem In Support Of Frank Ocean, College Freshmen Everywhere Hang It On Their Walls

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Say what you will about Beyonce hiring a surrogate to carry Blue Ivy. (And I personally have said a lot.) At the end of the day she’s a total class act who continues to amaze me with her style, grace and graphic art skills.

Last week the up-and-coming singer/songwriter Frank Ocean came out as bisexual. The world kept turning and not one man approached the court house with the intention of marrying his dog. Times are changing and we’re thrilled to see celebs are not only feeling more comfortable coming out to the public, but straight celebs are feeling more comfortable openly supporting them.

Like our spirt animal Beyonce Knowles. She took to her website to share this beautiful poem with us:

Beyonce Writes A Touching Poem In Support Of Frank Ocean  College Freshmen Everywhere Hang It On Their Walls Frank Ocean Beyonce Poem 640x543 jpg

Not only is it succint and to the point, but it’s the perfect print for a college freshman who’s looking to hang a non-controversial black-and-white poster on her wall. It says so much, in so few words.

I like gay people!

I know singer/songwriters like Frank Ocean!

I respect poetry!

I use instagram!

I have an undeclared major!

I shop at Urban Outiftters!

I vote for Barack Obama…because my parents do. Also because I believe in his ideas. That my parents tell me about!

I have a second cousin who is a lesbian and I will reference in all conversations about LGBT rights in this country!

I went to a montessori elementary school!

I will sign up for several groups at the club fair in the first week and then attend no meetings!

Yes, this potential poster says all that. So what are you waiting for? Print it out today and hang it on YOUR walls. It’s the first step in communicating through images. The next step? Taking photos of your food with Instagram.