Rumor That Blue Ivy Is A Doll Will Set Off ‘Beyonce Fake Pregnancy’ Conspiracy Theorists Again

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Beyonce fake Blue Ivy doll paparazziNow that Beyonce and Jay-Z introduced us to their infant daughter Blue Ivy Carter over a low-key website announcement and Bey has been spotted out in New York City carrying her little girl (and raising gossip sites' pageviews everywhere), the “Beyonce's pregnancy was fake” conspiracy theorists have mostly laid low. Because at this point, it doesn't matter whether or not she used a surrogate since we're regularly seeing baby Blue, right?

Well, there's a new possible twist in this drama that would reveal more subterfuge from Beyonce's camp. MediaTakeOut has done some questionably scientific research on recent paparazzi photos of Bey and Blue out and about in NYC, and the site thinks that Beyonce… is carrying around a fake doll!

According to the paparazzi photos that the site studied, Blue allegedly grew 2.5 inches in a week, or 11% of her current length. The editor also cite the difference between Blue Ivy's head being located at Beyonce's collarbone one week and closer to her chin the next, although if you compare the two photos below it looks as if Beyonce is just cradling the baby closer to her in the left shot.

fake Blue Ivy doll Beyonce paparazzi

The point I will give them is that we haven't seen Blue Ivy's face since that adorable photo on Jay-Z's website, just her limbs—and as ONTD's commenters pointed out, the weird fact that her feet seem to face at right angles only in many photos. MediaTakeOut clarifies that they do believe that Blue Ivy exists, but that we haven't seen her in public yet.

But why would Beyonce feel the need to tote around a fake baby? Normally we would understand if we saw a new mother out and about on her own, assuming that the little one is home with a nanny. (Which this power couple obviously has at least one of.) However, once the rumor came out that Beyonce was faking her pregnancy, it became an attack on her for not being a real mother and revealed the stigma of surrogacy on both sides.

I think that since then, people haven't really been treating Bey like a real mother. So it's no wonder that she would feel compelled to playact the doting mother even as she maybe doesn't want her three-month-old out in public where hungry paparazzi are waiting to snap a shot.