Beyonce FaceTimes With A Fan In The Middle Of A Song, Proving That Now She’s Just Showing Off

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Beyonce hair performing

Beyonce's the most fabulous human being alive. Also, probably dead. I'm sure the angels up in Heaven are already stressing about her arrival and the fact that she's rumored to have a byo halo policy. With that said, I think she might be getting a little high on herself lately. Mostly because she's now just using concerts to show off. You know, to show us that there's no situation that can throw her off balance when she's singing. Not her hair getting caught in a fan or even an attempted kidnapping. Just last month she photobombed someone taking a selfie in the middle of performing.

And now, she's taken her multi-tasking skillz to another level by FaceTiming with a fan's friend while singing a song. She just grabs the phone and is like, “ohh heyyyy, it's me Beyonce, just hanging out at my own concert, yeahhh, that Beyonce, and yes, it's true that you now have seven years of good luck. G2G!”

As soon as she hands the phone back to the person she grabbed it from, she goes right back to singing. It's insane. I can't even get through an entire email without getting sidetracked by Facebook stalking someone only semi-related to the email at hand. How she manages to do two things at once and do them perfectly is beyond me. Or I should say BEYond me. (Yes? No? Is that a reach?)

Considering the fact that her tour's still going on for the next month or so, she's probably got a few more performance tricks up her sleeve. Trick so crazy that we can't even begin to predict them. Well, besides obvious tricks like taming a tiger that a fan throws at her on stage and managing to thwart a parking lot robbery that she senses happening right outside the venue. You know, normal run-of-the-mill concert things.

(GIF: Tumblr)