Beyonce Ends Her World Tour By Showing Us Her ‘Ugly Cry,’ Which Is Actually Just Her Beautiful Cry

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Beyonce crying

I have an exercise for you this morning. I know, I know, what are we, in kindergarten? Suck it up. I want you to imagine what you look like when you cry. If you've never done that “crying while staring at yourself in the mirror” thing (in which case, you're really missing out), just think about what it probably looks like based on the way your face moves. Do you have that image in your head? Are you sufficiently embarrassed? I'm delighted to inform you that this video of Beyonce showing us her “ugly cry” will not make you feel any better about yourself. Happy Friday!

Yesterday in Lisbon, Portugal, Beyonce performed the final concert in her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. She marked the occasion by talking to the audience about her experience on the road over the past year. She did 132 shows as part of that tour. 132! And at every single one she brought the fierce. There was photobombing and hair getting caught in a fan and almost getting kidnapped off the stage, and through it all she just made us even more suspicious that she's a deity. As Beyonce explains in the video, she started the tour before the messiah Blue Ivy could even walk yet. She was probably already able to fly, but that's irrelevant.

The whole speech was so emotional for Beyonce that she started tearing up as soon as she uttered the words, “I am so lucky.” According to her, this is her “ugly cry.” But this is Beyonce Knowles, so of course her ugly cry is actually just a beautiful cry. She has a wind machine blowing her hair around majestically, and then she throws her arms up in the air like she's thanking God. But of course she is God, so haha, funny joke Beyonce. But congrats on a great tour.

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