Beyonce Is So Professional That She Kept Singing With Her Hair Caught In A Fan

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Beyonce in concert April 2013

Before I watched this video I assumed that "fan" meant a human being whose earrings or jacket zipper or very strong fan fingers latched onto Beyonce's hair and wouldn't let go. I was excited to see if Beyonce would go the Rihanna route and hit the fan with her microphone or be classic Beyonce and give the fan a reasonable talking-to. So imagine my surprise when I realized that "fan" referred to that thing with the blades that spins around and cools things off. Even though it wasn't the conflict I was expecting to watch, this is still a very compelling video. Beyonce is at the edge of the stage singing "Halo," and the fancy fan behind her tries to make itself her halo. Get it? Because it's caught on her head? Yeah, you get it.

The amazing part of this video is that Beyonce never stops singing, even as the bodyguards/stagehands/something-or-others around her take forever to set her free. One guy reaches toward her hair, almost does something about it, and then steps back. At one point Beyonce reaches back to do it herself, and while I obviously don't know what was going on in her head at this point, I have a feeling it went something like, "GET MY HAIR OUT OF THIS FAN!" I gotta hand it to Queen Bey. That was very professional of her to just keep singing like that. If that had been me with my hair caught in the fan, I either would have stopped singing altogether and focused all my energy on getting myself free, or I would have tried to keep singing and get all the lyrics wrong because I was so distracted: "Baby I can see your Lego-o-os. I pray you won't eat that caaaake!" Beyonce is such a pro I'm honestly surprised she didn't just stand up and let the fan hang from her hair like an stylish new accessory, holding her head up with her super Beyonce strength.

I'm thinking somebody needs to start an investigation into this fan. What was the motive? Did it have a gig at one of Beyonce's photo shoots and she had it fired because it didn't make her hair look windswept enough? Let's throw it in jail with that shoe that hit Harry Styles in the crotch. Justice!

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