Celebrity Lookalikes: Beyoncé And Chelsea Houska Both Love Their Leopard Print

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Beyonce Blue Ivy Carter leopard sling Chelsea Houska Aubree

When I saw this photo of Beyoncé  carrying Blue Ivy Carter around NYC in a leopard-print wrap, my knee-jerk reaction could only be—Chelsea Houska! We've documented the Teen Mom 2 star's love of leopard print before: She's got a leopard print laptop cover, hair straightener, and even coffee cup sleeve. Chelsea's a good sport about her obsession with the print; it's the background of her Twitter page, after all. And now maybe she'll feel more confident knowing that she has a kindred spirit in the world-famous singer.

Obviously, Beyoncé and Chelsea have drastically disparate incomes: Bey's so rich she didn't have to sell the first photos of Blue Ivy to some magazine for millions; plus, she and husband Jay-Z decided to trademark their daughter's name for future business endeavors. By contrast, Chelsea has had to rely on dad Randy Houska — not her deadbeat babydaddy Adam — and her new job at a tanning salon to make a living.

But all that doesn't matter once you see Blue Ivy and baby Aubree (circa 2010) both wrapped up in leopard print by their adoring moms. We don't know where Chelsea got the onesie that might have kicked off her leopard-print style, but for what it's worth, Bey's wrap is Baby Bjorn. Only the best for seven-week-old Blue Ivy!