Beyonce Changed The Lyrics Of A Song To Suggest That Jay Z Is Cheating On Her

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Beyonce and Jay Z in black and white Drunk In Love GIFApparently Beyonce changed some song lyrics during a concert to make it sound like Jay Z is cheating on her, so feel free to hop aboard the conspiracy theory bandwagon with me anytime. I saved you a cozy seat right up front.

I've been suspicious that all is not well in this marriage ever since that footage of Solange attacking Jay in the elevator went viral, and just because these two are touring with each other right now doesn't mean it's all roses in the Carter-Knowles kingdom, y'know? Especially when Bey is doing her best to give us little hints about the discord between them while she's actually onstage. She's a true professional.

During their Saturday night On The Run Tour show in Cincinnati, Ohio, Beyonce began performing her song ‘Resentment', which is a track off her 2006 B'Day album with the line:

‘Been ridin' with you for six years why did I deserve / To be treated this way by you'

But for this concert, she changed the amount of time to twelve years, which is the amount of time she's been with Jay Z. A fact that apparently didn't go unnoticed, as E! says it drew ‘loud roars from the crowd'.

And just to make this more interesting, this is a particularly noteworthy song for Beyonce to have changed the lyrics to because it deals with infidelity, rumors of which have circled her and her husband for years. The entire verse goes like this:

‘I know she was attractive but I was here first

Been ridin' with you for six years why did I deserve

To be treated this way by you, you

I know your probably thinking what's up with Bee

I been crying for too long what did you do to me.'

Okay girl, you have my attention. Any more details you wanna add? Like maybe a name? I'm betting you could work that into a title or something. ‘Love On Top…of Rihanna‘? ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On…Rita Ora)'? Any winks or nods you could give us would be appreciated.

(Image: Perez Hilton)