Beyonce Gets Wasted On St. Patrick’s Day, Releases Song With The Lyric ‘Bow Down Bitches’

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Beyonce Bow Down CoverWhile you spent your Sunday doing laundry, running errands and debating if the leftovers in the fridge are still edible, Beyonce released a new song(s?) called “Bow Down/I Been On.” After listening to it no more than one time, I feel confident saying WHAT!?!?!?!

But like in a good way. Because we're just a few hours away from the season two finale of Girls and I needed to really get in my this-is-not-happening-no-wait-this-is-actually-happening mode.

Truth be told, I'm not always ready for the amount of WTF-faces I have to make when I'm watching Girls. It's like one second I'm eating dinner and the next second I'm gouging my eyes out with a q-tip I saved from my last hospital visit. It's a tough transition for me to make emotionally and it usually makes falling asleep on Sundays pretty hard.

Luckily for us, Beyonce decided to prep us for that weekly feeling of discomfort and disbelief with her new music. Look, I love Bey as much as the next lady, but I don't know why she made this song. I mean, the lyrics that get repeated again and again throughout “Bow Down” are “Bow down bitches.”

I promise you Bey, we're already bowing down when we think about you. No need to rub it in our faces that you're four billion times better than we'll ever be. I appreciate your efforts, but between this and your documentary/commercial, I'm starting to worry that you're getting a little full of yourself. Or fuller, I should say.