Blue Ivy Went On Stage With Beyonce, Because I Guess They Gave Up On That Privacy Thing

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Beyonce Blue Ivy April 2012

Remember when Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy under an invisibility cloak in order to ensure her daughter's privacy back in 2012? And then remember how she and Jay-Z spent the first year of Blue's life shielding her face from cameras and only giving us glimpses of her in the shadows? The literal shadows. Yeah remember that as you watch this video of Beyonce bringing Blue Ivy up on stage this weekend in London. As much as I love seeing celebrity babies, I'm just a little confused at how quickly Beyonce and Jay-Z changed their minds about how they want to raise their child.

It's one thing to let her face be seen in public now. I totally get that shielding the face of an infant is easy, but putting a blanket over a toddler (who will inevitably grow into a real live child) is a little bit more of a challenge. So I completely understand why we're seeing her more now in paparazzi photos. However bringing her up on stage before her 2nd birthday seems like an entirely different story. It's not like she's old enough to appreciate her mother's music — or even old enough to understand what's really going on when she's plopped on stage. So why then did Beyonce bring her out, if not to just show her off?

I'm no baby psychologist (or even an avid Nick Jr. watcher), but I feel like it's probably not in Blue's best interest to be trotted out on stage — even if she does have headphones on. I also feel like it's not in her best interest to be turned into a child celebrity this early. Look at what happened to Suri Cruise when her parents let that happen? She's followed around as if she's a real celebrity and she's analyzed just as closely.  We have actual articles discussing her fashion choices. That is insane. Not because she's unfashionable — because we all know she's very fashionable — but because she's seven-years-old.

Celebrity kids already have it hard enough without their parents literally pushing them the spotlight. So maybe Bey and Jay can find some kind of compromise between hiding her in the shadows and putting her on on stage.

But with all that said, the kid has that “it” factor and I'll be the first in line to buy her music in 12-15ish years.

(Photo: Hall/Pena, PacificCoastNews.com)