Beyonce Tells Blue Ivy She Can Be President, Which Would Be Cocky If It Wasn’t True

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Beyonce Chime for Change video

Just mere moments ago I rode a roller coaster of emotions that I'm still reeling from that's all due to the prospect of a Blue Ivy Presidency. You see, I watched this new star-filled video featuring some of today's most powerful women in showbiz called “Chime for Change: It's Possible.” It features women we know and love like Katy Perry, Salma Hayek and Beyonce. They're promoting a charity concert in June called the Sound of Change that's all about getting girls access to education, heath and justice. You know, all those good things that every single person on earth deserves.

At one point in the video Beyonce introduces herself (as if that's necessary) and at another point she's like, “I tell my daughter she can president one day, she has no idea what I'm talking about, but I tell her anyways.” When I first heard it I was like, “that's really cocky Beyonce! She's only a baby, who the hell knows if she has what it takes to lead this country!” Then I remembered that she's the daughter of media superstars Beyonce and Jay-Z.  If there's any toddler in this country who could win the presidency tomorrow, it would be her.

And if she's anything at all like her parents, odds are high that she already commands everyone's attention when she's in a room. Why, I wouldn't be surprised if she's planning to start her campaign this year. I know I'd pay $1000 for the privilege of dining in the same room as her. And to sit at the same table as her and hear her thoughts on the economy? Why I'd sell my soul. (Just kidding, I gave that away in an AOL chatroom many years ago)

But seriously, can we get real here for like two minutes here. If Blue Ivy ran for president in 2016, would you vote for her? I say yes. If she can prove she can balance the demands of elementary school with the demands of the presidency, I see no reason not to elect her. Blue Ivy 2016!