Our Top 20 Beyoncé Music Videos, Ranked By How Much They Slay

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Beyoncé truly is a superstar who's got it all. She's had dozens of hit singles and six successful studio albums. She's got three utterly adorable kids and a loving (if apparently unfaithful) husband in Jay-Z. She's undertaken numerous world tours, has brought feminism to a new generation and has basically earned a place in cultural history. Oh, and she was in Destiny's Child. I always forget about that.

Among all of these incredible achievements, one thing that Queen B has done amazingly well is produce top-quality music videos. I mean, who on this planet doesn't know the “Single Ladies” dance? She's so good at expressing herself on film that her last two records have been visual albums. Like, she's got serious talent in this area. The question is… which of her numerous videos is the best? We've selected her top 20 clips and ranked them according to how bloody brilliant they are. Has “Single Ladies” inevitably made number one? You'll have to read on to find out…