13 Things Beyonce Did This Year That Convinced Us She’s God

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7. She shopped at Target like a mere mortal.

Beyonce at Target

(Photo: Twitter)

Sometimes God walks among the common people to better understand them, and what better place to do that than in everyone's favorite place to get a bargain on floppy hats?

8. She gave a fan life advice during a concert.

Beyonce hair flip


When a fan was so busy filming her that he messed up the lyrics of “Irreplaceable” during the singalong portion of the concert, Beyonce gave him a little talking-to about living in the moment. Put the damn camera down! You're in the presence of God!

9. She was kidnapped by a fan mid-concert and kept singing.

fan pulls beyonce off stage(via)

One of Beyonce's most godlike qualities is that she can keep calm in pretty much any situation. That includes the moment when an audience member tried to snatch her off the stage. Sure, there was a tiny bit of fear in her eyes, but her security team was on it and she was back to performing lickety-split.

10. She got an island from Jay-Z as a present.

Beyonce Jay Z singing


What do you get the woman who's God? A private island where she can rule over the universe in peace, of course. And that's just what Jay-Z did, according to reports from early this year. If anyone's gonna get a whole island for herself, it's Beyonce.

11. She stopped the pregnancy rumors with a single glass of wine.

Beyonce drinking wine with Jay Z

(Photo: Tumblr)

Earlier this year rumors were swirling that Beyonce was pregnant with her second baby, and there was even a false report about it from E! News. But then Beyonce posted a cryptic Instagram message making fun of everyone for believing it, and after that she shared a photo of herself drinking wine. We all went in the corner and thought about what we'd done.

12. She got her hair caught in a fan and kept singing.

Beyonce hair caught in fan


This was seriously amazing. She didn't even mess up the lyrics while her handlers took forever to get her untangled. I wouldn't have been surprised if she'd just walked around with it attached to her all night.

13. She released a secret album.

Beyonce best art


Is there anything more godlike that this? Last week Beyonce released a surprise album and a bunch of music videos to go with it overnight. She managed to keep the recording process and the video production a secret. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Oh right, she's God.

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