Beyonce Is Getting Pretty Ballsy, Now Charging People $25,000 To Work For Her

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Beyonce attending Met Gala Costume Ball May 2013Listen, I'm as big a Beyonce fan as the rest of you, but at what point did she get so famous that she's able to actually charge people money to work for her? Methinks someone may have gotten a wee bit too big for their (sparkly) britches, no? Normally when I get hired to work at a job, I have an antiquated notion of being paid to do said work. I'm one of those traditionalists you've heard about who expect to be paid for services rendered. I know, I know — totally lame. The new trendy edgy thing is to whip out your checkbook and pay $25,000 for a day's work…to do a day's work. Obviously.

I'm referring, of course, to a new auction that Beyonce and her team posted to charitybuzz. It's valued at $25K, as previously stated, although the most recent bids have only brought it up to $11,500. For that magical amount, you earn the privilege of joining Bey's style team for the day of her show in Los Angeles next month:

See what it's like to work backstage at the biggest tour of the year—The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour! Beyoncé invites you backstage as a VIP on her style team. You'll be a part of the Mrs. Carter Show as you spend the day in wardrobe with Creative Director of Wardrobe, Tina Knowles. See a major tour from behind the scenes, then meet Beyoncé before you take your 2 VIP seats for this year's biggest show!”

Even though it would be worth the money just to expend sweat on Beyonce, as you can see they're also generously throwing in some extras just to sweeten the deal, most importantly, the opportunity to mix and mingle with THE ONE THE ONLY THE TINA KNOWLES.

Okay stop right there, say no more. If I get to spend time with ‘award-winning designer and Creative Director of Wardrobe Tina Knowles', then I don't need any more information about this prize package. What a privilege, an honor, a joy! Do you know Tina Knowles? She's won awards! For her designs! Screw Beyonce, I'd spend a year of college tuition on the chance to get supervised and vaguely ignored by her mother any day of the week!

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