Justin Bieber Should Take Some Notes On Beyonce’s Visit To The Anne Frank Museum

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Beyonce tearing up GIFWhy don't you grab a pen and paper and come pop a squat over here Justin Bieber, because we're about to teach you how a real diva visits the Anne Frank Museum. Oh I'm sorry, are you bothered by me referring to you as a diva? Stop wearing sunglasses inside and answering depositions at your deposition like an uber-brat, and then come talk to me. Maybe I'll reconsider.

Anyway. I can't believe I'm even having to go through this with you, Bieberkins, but if there's one person you should be learning from, it's Beyonce, so throw on a clean diaper, sit down, and shut your mouth. Bey had two Mrs. Carter shows in the Netherlands on March 18th and 19th, so once those were done, she spent some time yesterday at the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam. You may know it as a moving tribute to a brave, eloquent young woman whose diary gave us a glimpse into a terrifying time…or as that place where Justin Bieber signed the guest book with a speculation that if she'd been a teenager in 2013 instead of the 1940s, that she would've been a Belieber.

Facepalm. Don't…do that. Instead, try to do what Beyonce did, which was to take two tasteful Instagrams while she was in the museum, none of which speculated about  whether Anne would've liked or The Visual Album more, or posed with a kissy face next to her picture, or in any way suggested that she felt more important than the museum itself.

Because nobody is — not even Beyonce — so let's just move through it calmly and respectfully and soak in as much history as we can before it's time to go and sing with a terminally ill fan at one of your shows or egg a house. I mean whatever feels good to you, Justin.

(Image: E! Online)