A New York Nanny’s Thoughts on Beverly Hills Nannies

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Like most 20-something-women, I thought my move to Manhattan meant working for a major magazine during the day and sipping several cocktails at night (all bought by hot men, of course). Unfortunately, life is not an episode of Sex in the City and I was forced to work two part-time jobs during an unpaid internship. One of these jobs, was working as a West Village nanny. So you can imagine my excitement when ABCFamily released a reality show that I could relate to. . . Or so I thought.

Beverly Hills Nannies , like most reality shows, over exaggerates the good and the bad. In this case, it deals with child care.  I've worked for enough Wall Street families to know what is and isn't normal when taking care of wealthy children.  Given this experience, I found myself eye-rolling throughout the hour. Trust me folks, Beverly Hills Nannies is not an accurate representation of the job. At least, not in New York. Looks like it's time for another battle between the West Coast and East Coast. This time, it's nanny style.

East Coast Nannies Do Not Get Cars
A new Audi? Not here. I've never heard of an East Coast parent purchasing a car for their children's caretaker. Here, we rely on our own less-glamorous cars (what kid wouldn't feel safe in my wood-paneled mini-van.) We even use public transportation when it's available. But don't worry. When we do, we use the safest, most stylish stroller.   

East Coast Nannies Pick Up Poop
Several times on tonight's episode, the nannies were asked to clean up a duck or dog's deuce.  They either hesitated or said, “hell no.” Listen ladies (and gents), when you're getting paid $40 an hour, plus benefits, plus a car, you clean up that s–t and you do it with a smile. 

East Coast Nannies Do Not Deal with Label Dropping
Or as they call them in Beverly Hills, 90210-itis. On Beverly Hills Nannies, every mother needed to mention what their child was wearing. “Go grab his Gucci onesie.” “Look at his Hermes scarf.” Get over it ladies. The kids I nanny wear Old Navy, and they look much better than yours! 

East Coast Nannies Keep Quiet
I've never had an issue with the people I work for. But if they ask me to do something I don't love, I do it. I may call my mom and complain the next day, but I still do it. In Beverly Hills, the nannies think it's ok to bitch at their bosses. Some of them want more money. Some of them insult their parenting skills. All of them will end up unemployed for their attitude problems. 

East Coast Nannies Do Not Get Hit On By Dads
Now not to sound cocky, but I'm a good-looking girl. Possibly prettier looking than some of the ladies on this show. I have yet to get hit on by a dad. Yet these girls claim they get groped, hit on, and black-mailed by Beverly Hills dads. Either West Coast dads are super creepy, or these girls are full of crap.

We do have a few things in common. We have to handle crazy food requests (what 3-year-old asks for a bagel with lox?!), do daily chores, and go on the occasional family vacation. Most of all, we love the kids. At, least most of them.

Beverly Hills Nannies is a good show if you need some background noise. As for branching into other cities ala Real Housewives, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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