Between The Lines: How Jake Pavelka Became The Most Hated ‘Bachelor’ In America

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If you follow The Bachelor, then you probably dislike Jake Pavelka immensely. Most people do. At least on TV, he seems slimy, dorky, uptight, arrogant and unaware of all of the above: Jake is a villain trapped inside an airline pilot's body. It was only a matter of time before the largely female audience who sympathized with him on The Bachelorette's 2009 edition– where he was jilted by Jillian Harris and bullied by his housemates — eventually came to the universal conclusion that, “This guy is a douche.”

The same thing happened with former Bachelor Bob Guiney, who abused the ABC platform to try and get with every woman on his season (alienating fans who previously found him funny and endearing). And don't forget Jason Mesnick, who dumped first choice Melissa Rycroft for runner-up Molly Malaney.

Jake's true colors showed in his condescending attitude toward his potential soul mates and bad judgment in picking one: When he selected effervescent party girl Vienna Girardi as his bride to be, viewers turned up their noses. She's a Hooters waitress, they said! She's not serious about SETTLING DOWN!

The resentment built, and Jake went from The Bachelor to Dancing With the Stars, where he broke down in tears after being eliminated. Vienna was in the audience, looking sad for her man. Yet something seemed off in their relationship. Vienna appeared more like an accessory to Jake than an equal partner as he sought to expand his 15 minutes of fame.

The tabloids picked up on the public's confusion-slash-outrage, and the rumor mill began churning: Replacing the usual Vienna-is-a-tramp gossip were reports that Jake was neglecting the doe-eyed Florida native.

Cut to this week, and they are Splitsville: Jake and Vienna — formerly in love — are now engaged in a vicious war of words, using the celebrity weeklies to get their message across: Jake is on the cover of Us Weekly, claiming Vienna cheated on him with Greek actor Gregory Michael while he was filming a cameo on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva; Vienna graces the cover of Star, alleging that Jake refused to have sex with her and was generally abusive.

So far, Vienna seems to be winning this media-waged battle. Radar reports that Jake never truly loved Vienna — that he did it all for the fame. On top of that, he apparently tried to make their breakup quiet until he'd forged another TV deal. (Because a breakup would be bad for the “brand,” right?). The site quotes a source as saying, “She was trying to be a loving, second half to him but he didn’t reciprocate. She wanted a real relationship but he wanted an arm doll and a fake life for publicity.”

Jake has two options: Use the negative press to his advantage like Spencer Pratt did, or disappear into obscurity, never to be heard form again. Something says he'll go with Option Number One. Whatever it takes to keep you in Us Weekly, Jakey.