Bethenny Frankel’s Fiction Novel Skinnydipping Sounds A Lot Like An Autobiography

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After introducing us to some high-quality and  possibly-carncinogenic margarita mix, Bethenny Frankel decied it was time to introduce us to some fine literature. So she joined the ranks of Lauren Conrad and Snooki and wrote a novel that very closely resembles her own life. In fact it resembles her own life so much that I think she could possibly sue herself for slander.

The Hollywood Reporter received some exclusive information on the novel that reads just like Bethenny's Wikipedia page. I know, because I just read both.

Let's compare the plot from THR and her Wikipedia page.

SKINNYDIPPING: Skinnydipping follows the story of Faith Brightstone, an aspiring actress, who moves from New York to Hollywood with big dreams of making it as an actress. But her plans don't pan out. The only role she lands is in a cheesy movie and she hates her job as the personal assistant to the wife of a big shot producer, so she moves back to New York.

WIKIPEDIA: Frankel began her TV and film career with appearances in the 1993 short film, Soiree Sans Hors D'oeuvres, the 1994 movie Hollywood Hills 90028 and the 1995 movie Wish Me Luck. She also worked as a production assistant for Saved by the Bell.

SKINNYDIPPING: Five years later, she is cast on a new reality show after a producer spots her at a fancy food trade show. Quickly, her blunt honesty and loud mouth get her in trouble with her castmates and Faith doesn't care.

WIKIPEDIA:  In 2005, Frankel was one of 16 candidates in The Apprentice: Martha Stewart TV show and was one of two finalists.Frankel was an original cast member on Bravo's series The Real Housewives of New York City.

SKINNYDIPPING:The winner of the reality show gets her own show on a cable network and she's hungry for fame.

WIKIPEDIA: In June 2010, Frankel starred in the Bravo reality TV show, Bethenny Getting Married? which documented her engagement, marriage and the birth of her daughter.

SKINNYDIPPING: But as the contest nears an end, Faith meets the man of her dreams, forcing her to possibly choose between love and fame.

CRUSHABLE: (Sorry, there is where Wikipedia completely fails.) This entire season of Bethenny Ever After is all about Bethenny attempting to balance her relationship with her growing career. Her own mother made a statement saying Bethenny was a horrible wife and Radar Online reports that there are definitely problems in her marriage.

Assuming we both just read the same comparison, I think it's fair to say that Bethenny wrote an autobiography, changed a few names and minor details and called herself a fiction author. I just don't know why she didn't go for the straight up memoir. As frustrating as I find her to be on reality TV, she does have an impressive career and she does have a lot to tell women about being successful. So I'm not sure why she chose to go the cheesy fiction route and turn her life story into a second-rate novel.

I think she's better than that and actually smarter than that, but this could be her first really poor career decision.