Bethenny Frankel’s Estranged Mom’s Comments Prove Why She’s Estranged

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Estranged parents go hand in hand with former child stars going to rehab and current reality TV stars sharing extremely private family memories with a team of cameramen and producers. So it's no surprise that Bravo reality star Bethenny Frankel is estranged from her mother Bernadette Burke. Watch one episode of Bethenny Ever After and you'll feel like her pro-bono therapist after she tells her husband Jason Hoppy that she fears she'll be a bad mother to her daughter Bryn because her mother was a bad parent to her.

While I usually write off all of Bethenny's complaints as exaggerated, whiny and annoying, it turns out she might be right about her mother not being a good parent. Recently Bernadette told Star Magazine that not only will Bethenny leave Jason because he's too nice and too boring, but also that she only uses Bryn as a prop for photo shoots.

According to Radar Online, she says:

“His problem is he’s too nice, and she’ll grab another nice one, he is replaceable. Nice is boring and Bethenny gets bored with nice. I know she is bored because I get bored watching him.”

And she doesn't even pull the usual “I'm only going to the media because I want to help my child” line. It sounds like she only wants to help herself.

I'm just not sure with what. I don't think Vh1 is currently casting any shows that involve putting estranged parents together in one house nor does she qualify as a tabloid stage mom villain. Not while Dina Lohan and Dianna Hart De La Garza are still alive and enabling.

So her best career bet now is to keep her mouth shut. Otherwise Bethenny will never let her on the show for a tearful mother-daughter confrontation. And that means she'll never get drunk with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens, which means she'll never qualify for casting on Dancing With The Stars.

It's a long way up the ladder of family shame ‘n fame and she has to start somewhere.

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