Yes Bethenny Frankel, That Is Indeed A Very Bad Idea

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In this week's edition of Poor D-List Celebrity Decisions, reality star Bethenny Frankel wonders if working professionally with her husband Jason Hoppy is a bad idea. Considering the fact that their marriage is currently defining the phrase “on the rocks” on this season of Bethenney Ever After, I would have to say yes, this is a very bad idea.

According to Radar Online, Bethenny says in an upcoming episode:

“I’ve been talking to my husband about working together, but I don’t know. We haven’t taken the full step of really fully working together.”

Watch one episode of Bethenny Ever After (or even just a promo) and you'll quickly see that Bethenny's not very fun to work with or to live with for very long. She's got an incredibly strong and stubborn personality and while that's undoubtedly helped her find success within her business, it's lead to serious problem in her personal life.

Now I'm no marriage counselor who takes couples on rehabilitative cruises, but even I can tell you that Jason and Bethenny agreeing to work together would be the equivalent of agreeing to get a divorce. If anything they need space right now, away from each other and probably away from the cameras.

And for selfish reasons, away from Bryn. But that's only because I want to babysit her and let her know that she doesn't have to soul her soul to the cameras like Mommy and Daddy.

Also never to order Skinny Margaritas. Sorry Beth, they taste like ass.