Did We Just Witness The Downfall Of A Marriage On This Season Of Bethenny Ever After

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Bethenney Frankel and Jason Hoppy spent the entire 3rd season of Bethenny Ever After fighting with each other and attempting to fix their extremely shake marriage. Unlike other reality TV couples who manage to turn their couples spats into compelling TV, Bethenny and Jason only manage to turn their disagreements into awkward viewing moments that make us feel like voyeurs into their life.

Their fights aren't funny nor are they cute. They're real disagreements over fundamental issues in their lives and watching them figure this out on camera's not enjoyable. Mostly because these fights are accompanied with tabloid headlines about an impending divorce and you start to realize that you're witnessing the downfall of a marriage on reality TV.

In this week's season finale of the Bravo show, Bethenny and Jason bicker throughout the episode. Naturally. That's their schtick. Except of course, it's probably not a schitck. It's not a lovable quirk that makes them an endearing couple. Not when Star's claiming that they've both met with divorce lawyer and the split's imminent.

Suddenly Bethenny Ever After went from a reality TV show about a successful business woman to a prelude to divorce proceedings. While Star's obviously not the most trustworthy news source, their reports certainly fit in with what we've witnessed all season on the show. Their marriage sucks. There's little chemistry between the couple and the only thing they appear to have in common is their love for their daughter Bryn (thank god).

Sure this could be creative editing as well as Bravo‘s attempt to create a compelling story line. But my gut instincts tells me this is the their marriage. This constant uncomfortableness that emanates from almost all their conversations. The feeling that they should make the cameras leave the room so they can figure this all out in private.

But considering that the fact that Bethenny's half of this not-so-dynamic duo, that seems unlikely. Cameras will probably be back in the couples face as they start seriously considering a divorce and putting the proceedings in motion.

The question is will YOU watch a 4th season of Bethenny Ever After knowing that you're watching a couple's marriage completely fall apart?

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