Bethenny Frankel’s Marriage In Turmoil, I Hope Jason Hoppy Leaves Her A Sandwich In The Divorce

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daytime emmy arrivals 3 240612Bethenny Frankel and her husband and Jason Hoppy are apparently on the brink of divorce, according to Radar Online and a ‘well-placed' inside source. The two have been married since 2010 and have a baby together, the adorable Bryn Hoppy.

This news strikes me particularly hard, as I was witness to the blossoming love of these two. As a dedicated viewer of The Real Housewives of New York City, I was there as Bethenny began to abandon friendships for her new boyfriend. I was there when she first started flashing around that oversize diamond. And most importantly, I was there as she sat on the toilet and peed on a little stick, and together we learned that she was pregnant with a tiny little Hoppy, marinating in a light baste of Skinnygirl margarita. I was there for all those moments, as were we all, because they were televised. I didn't know these crazy kids before, but I'm involved now, so tell me more about it, ‘well-placed source':

“It’s pretty much over between Bethenny and Jason. They are already living separate lives…She purposely spent Thanksgiving without him, bringing Bryn to Miami. He wasn’t happy about it, to say the least.”

Ugh, you guys! Can't you try to make it work? Bethenny, don't you care about my feelings at all??

“She doesn’t seem to be too upset about the demise of their marriage. She is really focused on her career and her product line right now, so it sort of consumes her, which is probably why the marriage starting falling apart in the first place.”

Do you mean to tell me that that wasn't a healthy way to nurture a relationship? By constantly being away from home and your life, except when you briefly return to document it on a series of masterpieces like RHONY, Bethenny Getting Married?, and Bethenny Ever After? Perhaps if they had named it Happily Ever Bethenny? I blame myself. At least this opens up the possibility of a future series called Bethenny Never After. And there's always a chance that Jason might leave Bethenny a sandwich in the divorce. Let's hold on to the little things.

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