The Best Worst St. Patrick’s Day Movies (And One Actually Good One)

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Billy Zane Leprechaun's Revenge Syfy best worst St. Patrick's Day movies

Who would have thought that for such an innocuous holiday, St. Patrick's Day has bred so many awful movies? This weekend alone, there are two original TV movies (on Hallmark and Syfy) that undoubtedly would require some green beer just to get through. For a holiday that's not Christmas or Valentine's, two themed movies is pretty offensive. So we racked our brains to remember the other bad St. Paddy's Day films that have come before.

Most of the worst offenders include leprechauns—not some sweet, hobbit-like Lucky Charms guy, but a murderous creature with an awful laugh. Then there are the romantic comedies that have utterly romanticized Ireland, to the point of basing their entire plots upon a supposed tradition.

Without any further ado, let's get to the list of the best worst movies you'll be enjoying this weekend.

Leap Year

Technically, this movie is about an entirely different holiday, but it hunkers down into Irish tradition with the claim that a woman can propose to a man every four years on Leap Day. Cue control freak Amy Adams stumbling down muddy hills and bantering with her Welsh taxi driver (Matthew Goode) as she tries to reach her American boyfriend (Adam Scott) in Dublin to pop the question. There's plenty of beer and dancing, not to mention bad accents, to make you want to wear green pajamas while you watch.

Chasing Leprechauns

Here's a sweet leprechaun tale; these seem to be few and far between. The mythical creature is really just a plot device to match up a cynical American corporate type and a laidback Irish woman—I'm sorry, I should add that she's a pixie expert. See, he has to travel to Ireland to ensure that a site planned for construction isn't actually inhabited by leprechauns. Because in the year 2012, there's still that shred of doubt that they exist.

It's premiering this Saturday on Hallmark at 8 p.m. EST.

The Leprechaun Series

We're used to leprechauns as cereal mascots, not as serial killers! But that's the plot of the Leprechaun horror collection, six films about a nasty creature who preys on unsuspecting humans in his thirst for gold/a wife/pot, depending on which bad straight-to-video version you're watching. If you think the trailer for Leprechaun 2 is bad, consider that one of the sequels was Leprechaun Back 2 Tha Hood. Unbelievably, Harry Potter star Warwick Davis portrayed The Leprechaun for all six installments.

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