12 New Winter TV Shows To Get Excited About

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The Spoils of Babylon 2014

The Christmas presents have been returned or exchanged, the new year has been rung in (hangover included), and now it's time to put the holidays behind us and move forward into 2014. That means that our favorite TV shows are finally coming back from hiatus. Not only that, but there are plenty of new series premiering midseason. If you failed to find a new favorite show during the rather disappointing Fall season, maybe one of these winter TV shows will tickle your fancy. (Sorry for using that expression. I regretted it immediately.)

We've looked at what the midseason schedule has to offer and chosen twelve new shows from a variety of genres and networks. Odds are there's one show on this list that you'll be interested to watch, whether it's because of the cast list or the quality of the trailer. What better way to battle the winter blues than discovering a new TV show?

1. Intelligence – January 7 at 9 PM on CBS

If you're a Lost fan who's been jonesing for some more Josh Holloway, check out this sci-fi series in which he plays a man with a microchip in his brain that allows him to hack into any data center. He uses his implant for national security.

2. 100 Days of Summer – January 7 at 10 PM on Bravo

No TV season would be complete without a good guilty pleasure show, and Bravo always has plenty to offer. This one's about rich, shallow people in Chicago. And it takes place in the summer, so you can have a weekly escape from the winter cold.

3. Killer Women – January 7 at 10 PM on ABC

This show comes from executive-producer Sofia Vergara, so you know it'll be sexy. It's based on an Argentine series and stars Tricia Helfer as a divorcee who rises in the ranks of the Texas Rangers.

4. The Spoils of Babylon – January 9 at 10 PM on IFC

One look at the cast list and the over-the-top trailer for this parody miniseries, and you'll be sold. It stars Kristen Wiig, Tobey Maguire, Jessica Alba and plenty of others in a spoof of epic 1980s miniseries like The Thorn Birds.

5. True Detective – January 12 at 9 PM on HBO

Critics are raving about this new crime drama starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson — whom you might have just assumed were the same person. The show uses multiple timelines and will have an anthology format with different characters and plot each season.

6. HitRECord on TV – January 18 at 10 PM on Pivot

Once you get past the “Ross Geller and the couch” connotation of the network name, bask in the adorableness of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his variety show. It's a collaborative project from various aspiring artists and normal people around the world. And you can even watch the first episode above.

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