17 Of The Best Will They/Won’t They Couples On Televison

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Some TV couples are just better and cuter than others. Sorry, but that's a fact. If you've watched, like, any television show ever, you know that there's usually that one couple who can't seem to take that relationship jump but are definitely soulmates. And it's as though everyone (except the couple involved, naturally) knows that they're made for each other.

All of these pairings usually have to go through a little back and forth until they finally realize that they're perfect together. There's so much will they/won't they going on that anyone who tries to get in between them doesn't stand a chance (Sorry Julie, Karen, Aidan, etc.). Oh, how we feel for those people. The will they/won't they couple seems like an essential element for any successful TV show. As long as they eventually get out of their relationship limbo — we're okay with waiting around for a little while as these perfect pairs try to work things out!