I Love You Best Week Ever, But You’re Not What You Used to Be

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Last night, Best Week Ever made its triumphant return to television! YES! That Best Week Ever! Way back in the dark ages of my adolescence, before I had become addicted to entertainment blogs and memes, Best Week Ever was one of the first outlets that plugged me into the world of pop culture peanut gallery commentary. So, naturally, with the inaugural comeback show last night, I was jazzed to the point of forgoing Friday night plans to catch the first airing. Because my TV was my first and oldest friend.  And I hate to say this–maybe I need to adjust to new cast of commentators, maybe it was crappy writing, maybe it’s the fact that I’m no longer 15 years old,–but all I know is that last night was not that fun. And Best Week Ever, I kinda blame you.

What I remember of the format seemed to be all there—viral videos, reality TV talk, in case you missed it, the naming of the best week ever nominees. The comedians dished on The Bachelor, The Biggest Loser, The Miss America Pageant, but if felt like they missed a lot. And I know that they’re starting off at a disadvantage with the internet getting to everything first and all. But you can still make things feel fresh with great jokes! What I saw last night were a bunch of cheap, clichéd punchlines.

Dan St. Germain lampooned Big Ang in a segment called “Greatest Reality TV Moments in the History of the Week” and made fun—out of ALL THINGS—of her excitement to get botox. BIG ANG, who is a Narnia Wardrobe of comic material. There was some thing called the “Rednexpert” with Jared Logan dressing up as a deliverance-style okie and rounding up all the white trash vaudeville reality TV—Honey Boo Boo, Moonshiners. But not Buckwild. Sorry bro, but 2 clips is not a segment.  Not to mention, the Golden Globes were left virtually untouched. What of How about Selena Gomez being happy shwasted on the red carpet? Taylor Swift’s stink eye? Mel Gibson clearly not understanding what was going on? See guys? The material is there! Use your resources!

Mel Gibson Golden Globe Gif

In the running this week for the week's winners were “The Bachelor”, Lance Armstrong, and Jodie Foster for her cagey confessional speech. And without introduction… the winner was… Influenza? Because everyone has the flu and is miserable. Thank you escapist TV. I needed to remember that while I compulsively bathe my hands in hand sanitizer.

In either case, there were some fun things that I appreciated. I really enjoy Michelle Butteau and thought her segment “panties on/ panties off” was the best on the show. Hope to see more of that. And there was a pretty spot on shot at Anne Hathaway’s fake humility in her acceptance speech called “That’ll be quite enough Anne Hathaway.”

In either case, it’s worth watching if you’re a long time fan, but I was disappointed. Just one gal’s opinion. It seems like everyone is having fun, and wants to be there and it really trying, but it just didn’t feel right. Who knows? Maybe it will get better. I know they’re at a disadvantage because these topics have already reached their target audience via blog, or twitter, or whatever. And I know a lot of people are just going to want what the show was, which isn’t fair for the people involved. But things change! People change! Maybe we all just need to get used to this and say Hakuna Matata. But still, I just want Doug Benson the Pop Culture Bachelor.

Doug Benson

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