The Most Heartwarming Weddings Ever Seen on TV

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The CW

In real life, weddings can be nerve-wracking, fun, and downright emotional. But, the same is true for the weddings we watch on television. For years and years, we wait patiently for our favorite TV characters to get their love lives together and when they finally do — viewers are there to witness all the cheesy, tear-jerking goodness that is their wedding.

While some television weddings are disappointing, or flat-out terrible, others are sweet, charming, and effortlessly tug on our heartstrings. From Lorelei and Luke on Gilmore Girls to Izzie and Alex on Grey's Anatomy, here are the top TV weddings we'd RSVP for again and again. Hey, we might even volunteer to be a bridesmaid!

1. Dwayne and Whitley, A Different World


On A Different World, our favorite college sweethearts almost didn't get married. Like, Whitley was two seconds from marrying someone else when Dwayne Wayne crashed the wedding to proclaim his love to her. After a few seconds of utter chaos and confusion, Whitley took off running back down the aisle into Dwayne's arms. And the two tied the knot in a quickie ceremony, where Whitley's mom proceeded to faint.