12 TV Sitcom Casts, Ranked By How Badly We Want To Be A Member

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Friends cast


Do you ever watch a TV show and wish you could climb through the TV and hang out with the characters right then and there as they get into all kinds of crazy shenanigans? What about when you watch a show and find it really entertaining but have little to no desire to spend any time with those people should they come to life and walk the earth as real humans?

With that in mind, I decided it was about time somebody just took a bunch of ensemble sitcom casts and ranked them based on how much fun they'd be to hang out with. And that somebody might as well be me.

12. The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory Cast(Photo: IMDb)

If I joined this friend group, just about everything the nerds would talk to me about would go over my head or just be annoying. And I'd spend most of my time asking Penny why she's in such a rush to get married, thinking she's really Kaley Cuoco. That wouldn't be fun for anyone involved.

11. Arrested Development

Arrested Development Cast Photo(Photo: IMDb)

Arrested Development might be the greatest TV comedy ever created, and I love the characters, but no way would I ever want to be a part of that family. Mostly because I am such a George Michael and would just be eaten alive in five seconds.

10. Girls

Girls Cast(Photo: IMDb)

Ugh, these ladies. I'm putting them slightly higher only because it's always helpful to have a few extra girlfriends at the ready in case you're in desperate need of a feminine hygiene product on short notice. But I'm not in any rush to make brunch plans.

9. Seinfeld

Seinfeld Cast Photo(Photo: IMDb)

Another instance of a great comedy with characters that don't necessarily make you want to weave friendship bracelets together. Let's face it, these guys are assholes. I love watching them and can relate to a lot of their situations, but they're not the kind of people I want to hang out with. Especially George. He's terrible.

8. Community

Community Cast(Photo: IMDb)

This study group is cool cool cool, but they tend to get into a lot of wacky meta adventures, and sometimes I just want to stay in and watch a movie instead of getting turned into an animated character and going on a Christmas adventure. I'm looking for companions who are a little more low-key.

7. Modern Family

Modern Family Screen Shot(Photo: IMDb)

As an only child with not a lot of extended family living near me, this show's dynamic is pretty unfamiliar and slightly terrifying for me. Still, I think Claire and I would get along swimmingly, and Manny seems fun to hang out with. It would be interesting to try out at least, if only for a day.

6. New Girl

New Girl cast

(Photo: IMDb)

These four roommates make me laugh, and I'd love to borrow quirky clothes from Jess' closet, but for the most part they are so immature that I don't know if I could stand it. Winston and I would be BFFs, though, and I would be nice enough to actually give him a storyline.

5. The Office

The Office Cast(Photo: IMDb)

If I'm gonna work for a boring paper company, it might as well be Dunder Mifflin. Sure some of them would get on my nerves, but Jim and Pam would make up for it. Plus, I really want to win a Dundie.

4. 30 Rock

30 Rock Cast(Photo: IMDb)

I want to go to there, if only to befriend Liz Lemon and get hired as her co-head-writer and then move in with her and share her night cheese. Tracy and Jenna might be a bit much for me, but did I mention Liz Lemon is there?

3. Parks and Recreation

Park & Recreation Cast(Photo: IMDb)

Yes. Yes yes yes. All of this. There's never a dull moment in the Pawnee Parks Department. I want to eat waffles with Leslie and talk about how much people suck with April and go to Tom's weird parties. How can we make this happen?

2. Happy Endings

Happy Endings cast

(Photo: IMDb)

Whenever I mention this show I must immediately follow up with a solemn “Rest in peace.” It was canceled before its time, but when it was on the air all I wanted to do was hang out with these crazy kids. I could be a third wheel on all of Brad and Jane's dates and get all my clothes at Alex's store. Come back to life and be my friend, Happy Endings!

1. Friends

Friends Cast(Photo: IMDb)

I mean, this one's pretty much a given. I love these guys so much I'll watch “The One Where Everybody Finds Out” every single time it's on TBS (and that's a lot). If I lived that episode myself, I would gladly chime in with “They don't know that we know they know we know” like I'd been saying it all my life (which I practically have). I already know everything about these guys anyway, including that Chandler's middle name is Muriel, so I might as well just become member number seven.