10 Awesome TV Shows That Have Equally Awesome Twitter Accounts

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10 Awesome TV Shows That Have Equally Awesome Twitter Accounts Sleepy Hollow Elementary pngThese days, everybody has a social media presence, from Justin Bieber to the local sandwich shop down the street. That includes television shows. It’s one thing to like a show on Facebook and let everyone know you’re a fan, but it’s quite another thing to follow that show on Twitter and allow their updates to show up on your feed, which is likely already pretty crowded. A good TV show Twitter account has to strike the right balance between providing practical updates about the show and posting funny comments that fans can appreciate.

Luckily there are plenty of TV show Twitter accounts that do just that. From livetweeting episodes to posting show-related holiday greetings to hosting Q&As and giveaways, these ten accounts do it right.

1. Scandal

The great thing about Scandal‘s Twitter account is they seem to be just as addicted to the show as the fans are. The show live-tweets the episodes, and the cast members get in on the fun too.

2. Orange is the New Black

Since this show is available exclusively online through Netflix, you’d expect it to have a pretty great Internet presence. The Twitter account does not disappoint, posting funny quotes and images and holding periodic #AskOrange sessions where fans can ask the cast questions.

3. Parks and Rec

The Parks and Rec Twitter is just as lovable and friendly as the show itself. They make announcements about the show’s renewal and upcoming episodes by using inside jokes and quotes from the show, so it’s never boring.

4. Orphan Black

First of all, if you’re not caught up on this show yet, get on it. Second of all, because it’s a bit of a cult series, the Twitter feels like a fun fan club with lots of jokes and clever posts. One of the account’s favorite things is joking about all the characters Tatiana Maslany plays.

5-6. Sleepy Hollow writers, Elementary writers

It’s also sometimes worth it to follow accounts related to your favorite shows’ writing teams. A couple of months ago these two shows had a hilarious pretend Twitter feud, catching the positive attention of people who didn’t even watch the series (like me).

7. Arrested Development

To an Arrested Development fan, inside jokes are like oxygen. So do yourself a favor and breathe in the many inside jokes on the show’s official Twitter page.

8. Community

This account is just as silly and clever as the show. Plus they embrace fan campaigns to keep the show on the air, which makes being a fan feel like you’re part of a family. #sixseasonsandamovie

9. Veep

If you watch Veep, you’ll probably get this hilarious reference the account posted earlier this month. If not, look it up and then get ready to love this show.

10. Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles is chock full quotable moments, and the show’s Twitter account is there to document them all. There are also frequent trivia contests to win prizes. Everybody likes prizes!

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