18 Adorable TV Pets We Wish Were Our Own

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Pets are a big part of our lives. In the United States, 85.4 million households (or 68 percent of Americans) have at least one pet. So it makes sense when TV shows incorporate animals into their storylines — pets are a common and normal part of everyday life, and that's reflected in what we see on TV.
We bet you can name at least three fictional pets off the top of your head right now, that's how frequently they appear in film, television, and books. Like our own pets, these entertainment stars all have their own unique personality and play an important role in their people's lives. When they star on a TV show, they become part of our viewing experience over the course of years (or one binge-session if you're more into that watching method). There have been plenty of notable TV pets throughout the years, but some get to be our all-time favorites: