The 10 Best Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Quotes About Hosting The Golden Globes

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If you ever find yourself getting down these next few days, just remember that this Sunday, January 12th, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting the Golden Globes on NBC. And then when the show ends Sunday night and you're back to being sad again, just remember that they're also going to host the awards next year. Bam! I just gave you nonstop happiness for the next year of your life. Don't thank me. Thank Tina and Amy for being just that magical.

Ever since their gig was announced, as the ceremony inches closer and closer, Tina and Amy have been asked about what we can expect from their hosting. They've discussed what kind of jokes they'll make, what kind of drinking games we should play at home, and whether or not they want to host the Oscars at some point. Because Crushable is like your cool BFF who shows you all the best stuff the Internet has to offer, we combed through their pre-Golden Globes interviews and picked out the ten best quotes (with GIFS!). But you're gonna want to read/watch all of them in their entirety, because nothing that comes out of their mouths is less than amazing.

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Tina: And I'm going to use my feet to tweet things. I'm going to type with my feet and tweet-blog.

Amy: You're gonna feet-tweet? Oh, that's the best.

Tina: You know when you type something and it's really screwed up but you keep typing because you think AutoCorrect will probably fix it? That's what the show is going to be like.” – to EW

When asked what people can expect from this year's awards, Tina teased that she'll be doing a lot of foot-based social media, and Amy seemed to really like the idea. Let's make feet-tweeting happen!

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“I go to a ranch for two weeks. No talking. No food, just juice. And then I consult my astrologer. Then I go into a cave and I just lie on the ground and I have people just shout jokes into the cave. And I just let the wind take it and then if it lands it's good and if it doesn't it goes away. And then I just drive my solid-gold Porsche right into a brick wall and I prank call Sandra Bullock and I get started.” – Amy Poehler on The Ellen Show

When Ellen DeGeneres asked Amy what kind of pre-hosting rituals she goes through, Amy was very specific. Let's face it, everything's better when Sandra Bullock is involved.

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“Oh yes, and by gearing up you mean not doing anything then yes.” – Tina Fey to E! News

Back in November, E! caught up with Tina at an event and mentioned that she must already be gearing up for her hosting duties. Tina was very honest about the fact that no, she's not.

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“I think it would be funny if I came out in an August: Osage County sweatshirt. It would be funny to just be really rooting for one movie. But I haven't seen them all. Right now, I'm rooting for Avatar. I know it's crazy, but I think Avatar could really pull it out this year. So I'm putting my money on Avatar.” – Amy Poehler to The Hollywood Reporter

I'm very much in favor of the movie-themed sweatshirt idea. I think that's all Tina and Amy should wear. I also agree wholeheartedly about Avatar.

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“I think that’s just a much harder, much more time-consuming job and a much more intimidating room. Even though it’s a lot of the same people, they’re just really nervous that night. That night is career-making or –breaking for people. Scary.” – Tina Fey to EW

Tina and Amy have been really clear that they don't want to host the Oscars. That's a really big bummer for people who enjoy laughter and happiness, but we gotta respect their wishes. Grrr.

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