Best Thanksgiving Episodes On TV

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Ever since I was little, I’ve been confused by television holidays. I used to think Hollywood wasn’t on a five-hour time difference, but one that was five days off from my own. Why else would Halloween episodes pop up in mid-October, Thanksgiving and Christmas come one week apart, and reruns shown during actual holidays?

Of course, now I know better: even famous people have families, and are given breaks during the season. And even when Thanksgiving episodes of my favorite shows were shown November 19th, that didn’t decrease my love for Zach Morris or the holiday. Here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving-themed episodes to be savored post-feasting. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The Simpsons:
Homer’s Thanksgiving prayer in season 2’s Bart vs. Thanksgiving makes us thankful that this is one show that – like the holiday itself – only gets better with age. “And thank you for nuclear power, the cleanest, safest source of power there is. Besides solar power, which is just a pipe dream.”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Xander gets syphilis from a Native-American ghost tribe, and Anya declares the holiday an “animal sacrifice, with pie.” Episode also includes a shape-shifting Indian that pre-dated Twilight fever, as well as Spike’s immortal line, “You made a bear! Undo it!”

Saved By the Bell: College Years
: It’s a tradition in my family that whoever brings out the turkey gets to be dubbed, “Jonathan Brandis…from Seaquest!” R.I.P., bro. SbtB‘s spin-off was pretty bad, but the Thanksgiving episodes rocked.

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