11 Hilarious And Heartwarming Super Bowl Ads You Can Watch Before The Game

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Budweiser Puppy Love commercial 2014

The Super Bowl is this weekend, and quick Google search tells me that it's between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. You can probably see that I'm not the biggest football fan. Super Bowl Sunday for me consists of watching the Puppy Bowl until I go into a cuteness coma and then waking up in time for the halftime show. But I also love watching all the new commercials that air during the game. Advertisers spend a scary amount of money to get their ads on the air that day, so they're usually more clever or heartwarming or big-budget than the typical TV commercial the rest of the year.

You might think you'll have to wait until Sunday to see all the ads people will be talking about Monday morning, but it turns out a lot of companies have been teasing and/or leaking their ads early, and a lot of them have already created a ton of buzz. So we gathered a few examples you can watch right now, no football involved. I don't know about you, but that's music to my ears.

1. Budweiser

This one premiered this morning and has been tugging on everyone's heartstrings and jerking everyone's tears. Last year Budweiser's sweet Clydesdale commercial was all anyone could talk about, and they followed it up by adding a puppy. I'm not crying, I just have something in my eye.

2. Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt

There's a Full House reunion happening for the Super Bowl, you guys! Of course, Mary Kate and Ashley couldn't make it, and it's for that yogurt John Stamos already advertises, but it's still a nice dose of '90s nostalgia for you.

3. Cheerios

I am so happy that Cheerios decided to run another ad with the same interracial couple who caused such mind-boggling controversy last year. It's an adorable ad, and it's a nice way for the company to show they're not influenced by the complaints of racist idiots.

4. Volkswagen

Remember a few years ago when VW released that super-cute ad with the kid dressed as Darth Vader? This year they went the weird (but still funny) route by asking the question: “What if every time a VW hit 10,000 miles, a German engineer got his wings?” Stay till the end for the kicker.

5. AXE

This ad is extremely different from the things AXE has put out before, mostly because it has nothing to do with getting girls to run after you screaming. The brand is donating thousands of dollars to the Peace Day One organization, and to go along with it they made an ad promoting peace. I think it's beautiful.

6. Jaguar

Oh my goodness, this is so great. This ad wonders why so many movie villains are British, and features Mark Strong, Ben Kingsley and TOM HIDDLESTON meeting up in their Jaguars. Brilliant.

7. Chobani

Even bears need their daily yogurt fix, as this fun ad shows us. I'm having trouble figuring out if that's an actual bear or a CG one, and I can't decide if it's just really impressive or if I'm an idiot.

8. H&M

You get to decide whether the ad that airs Sunday features David Beckham #covered or #uncovered. Of course, I'm assuming #uncovered will win, but this is airing on national television, so I don't think we'll see anything we're not supposed to.

9. Hyundai

Remember when dad saved you from every dangerous situation just by sensing you were in trouble? Yeah, well now you're older and your dad doesn't want to do that anymore so your car has to.

10. Newcastle Brown Ale

This one's a little different. Newcastle launched a funny campaign revealing that they couldn't afford a Super Bowl commercial and putting up a website with behind-the scenes videos like this hilarious one with Anna Kendrick, who was supposed to star in the ad that never happened. Amazing.

11. SodaStream

And now we've reached the banned ad. You might think this was banned because Scarlett Johansson is just too sexy, but it was actually just because it names Coke and Pepsi, and Fox didn't want to risk making them angry. Ugh, really?!