Open Thread: We Need To Pick A Song Of The Summer Already

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Another strong contender.

Another solid contender.


You guys, it's almost July, and we haven't picked an official song of the summer yet! How did we let this happen?

I'm not trying to shame you or anything (yes I am), but just imagine, if you will, the fact that this weekend, at summer barbecues across the globe, we will all be pumping DIFFERENT SUMMERY ANTHEMS. That is unacceptable, and I refuse to live one more day in a world where that's true, so we're picking one and we're doing it now.

So nominate some songs! There are no wrong answers, because in an ideal world, I'll put them all together for a playlist that will be so upbeat and inspiring that it will get me to the gym almost without me realizing it! And I'll be sculpted and tan and shiny-haired in no time AND CROP TOPS AND JEAN SHORTS WILL LOOK GOOD ON ME AND EVERYTHING.

(I said this was an ideal world, right?)

My nomination is ‘Talk Dirty To Me' by Jason Derulo, featuring 2 Chainz, because I have no shame and I wasn't kidding when I said there were no wrong answers. I'm legit obsessed with the horn line on that song, and I will apologize for nothing.

So what do you have to add? Let us hear it!