The Top 20 Best-Selling Singles Of All Time

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In the days of free streaming services, it is very impressive when songs can still sell millions of copies. Taylor Swift just dropped her sixth studio album, Reputation, and she’s going to once again top the charts. But before we had Spotify and Pandora, and even before iTunes, there were just records, tapes, and CDs for music fans to buy. One of the highest-selling songs of all time is actually a holiday song.

With all of the ways to purchase music these days and listen to it, it is surprising to look at the list of highest-selling singles and see that a song from 2015 managed to crack the top 5. This list is compiled of physical singles and digital singles. Some of the top songs on this list are physical singles, but the digital singles on this list managed to sell millions of copies and beat songs that were released decades earlier. Which song on this list is most surprising to you?