The Best And Scariest Hollywood Urban Legends For Halloween

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I love urban legends. As a kid, I often made the mistake of reading scary stories on the office desktop computer while home alone, and often after dark. (Yeah, I was a smart kid. That, or I was prepping myself for marathoning the Saw movies and spending hours on Reddit's r/nosleep subreddit.) My favorite site is and has always been Snopes, a comprehensive database run by husband-and-wife team Barbara and David Mikkelson. These two fearlessly debunk urban legends about Halloween itself, campfire tales, freak accidents, fake photos, you name it. They also — and this takes even bigger balls — document the stuff that's actually real.

With Halloween a little over a week away, I wanted to share with you some of the Mikkelsons' best discoveries about Hollywood. I know that over the past year we at Crushable terrified you with our Creepy Things That Seem Real But Aren't series, but let's not forget that Tinseltown is a pretty scary place, too. You hear stories of actors who live and die for their craft, of the ghosts of stars living on or a franchise that won't let its actors go. Making movies suddenly doesn't sound so carefree and glamorous.

Some of these tales you might know by name or details—others you may never have heard of. I hope that at least one of these stories are new to you and that you'll share them with your friends later. Preferably in a dark room with a flashlight under your chin and their smartphones out of reach so they won't know whether the story you're telling is true or not.