30 Reasons I’m Going To Miss 30 Rock

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19. The “There's Nothing Like New York in the Spring” that sums up New York beautifully:

20. Liz Lemon's flashbacks to her horribly sad childhood:

21. The introduction of Anna Howard Shaw Day into our lives:

22. Liz Lemon's guilt-free obsession with food

23. This famous jury duty moment: 

24. Kenneth the Page talking about where he's from:

25. The songs! Oh the songs!

26. The high fiving a million angels moment

27. The fact that Tracy Jordan made Shark Week popular: 

28. Every scene with Will Arnett/Devon Banks

29. Sketches from TGS that highlight just how bad of a show it really is: 

30.  The fact that everyone quit on Liz Lemon last week and it was actually touching:


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