30 Reasons I’m Going To Miss 30 Rock

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30 rock series finale

I'm starting to accept that tonight really is the end of 30 Rock. That after tonight's series finale, there will be no more Liz LemonJack DonaghyJenna Maroney and Tracy Jordan. Sure they'll live on in syndication forever (and hopefully ever), but it's not the same. Even though I can rewatch 30 Rock episodes over and over and find things I missed the first few times, it's still not the same. Blergh, I'm like really  upset guys.

While the show definitely peaked a few years ago, it returned for its final season stronger than ever. I found myself watching episodes and just thinking that it's so smart. I haven't felt this way about a show since I watched Arrested Development. And I haven't felt this way about a show's creator ever. Like every other near-sighted brunette in her twenties, I came to age worshipping Tina Fey. She did it, she really, really did it. And in the process of doing it, gave hope to all the rest of us  that it's possible to be smart and funny and successful  That you don't have to sell yourself short and show your boobs to make it happen.

I could wax poetic about Tina Fey all day, but there's plenty of time left for that. I have no doubt that she'll go on to do wonderful things. So today's all about 30 Rock. While I initially set out to find the 30 best things about 30 Rock, I quickly realized that would be impossible, there's just too much amazingness to be captured in any kind of numbered list. So instead I attempted to just round up 30 of of my favorite moments from the show's 7 seasons.

I'm sure I missed a ton of great scenes, fake movies and Tracy Jordan quotes. So feel free to leave them in the comments!

So with no further ado, let's begin!

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