Open Thread: Which Musical Acts Are The Best To See Live?

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Beyonce on stage light show GIFIf there's one thing I'm reminded of when I watch the Video Music Awards, it's that being able to perform live is a rare talent. I don't care how great you sound on your albums, or how well you dance in your videos, once it comes time to sing in front of a live audience, there's nowhere to hide anymore.

Like, I've actually started coming around to Taylor Swift at this point, and I even like her music, but as soon as I heard that track of her at the VMAs with her vocals isolated, it solidified my resolve never ever ever to see her live. If it sounds better on the album, then why am I shelling out the big bucks for something I can listen to pantsless on my own couch? (My natural state.)

So since it's pretty much impossible to tell from a pre-recorded track whether an artist will blow your mind or just blow your money at a live performance, we figured we'd ask you guys for some suggestions! I'm gonna start things off by saying Beyonce, because even though I haven't actually been to one of her concerts, I listened to her isolated track from the VMAs too, and DAMN GIRL. In a thirteen-minute performance, she never missed a beat.

Add to that the costume changes and the dancing, and you'll understand why I spend so much time going back and forth between Ticketmaster and my bank account. I know that one day Beyonce will win out in that power struggle, but for now, I'm holding her off for as long as I can.

So who else should be on this list? Let us know!

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