What Movie Should You Watch On Your Saturday Night In?

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So you’re staying home on a Saturday night. I get it; everyone needs a night in with Redbox and kettle corn. Who should you spend your night with, you ask? Channing Tatum, Tom HardyTaylor Kitsch? Pretend you're BFFs with Rebel Wilson, Selena Gomez, or Krysten Ritter? Here’s a guide to help you decide what other world you should vicariously live through for a couple hours. I'm not saying all these movies are amazing, but I am saying they'll entertain you on a Saturday night.

If you want to relive the nostalgia of high school, the '90s or high school in the 90s, pick up 10 Years. The movie revolves around a group of high school friends who meet up again for their 10-year reunion. It’s a pretty cliché ensemble comedy, and what I would like to call the Little Train that Almost Did. It was so close so many times to being awesome, but just fell a little short. I sincerely encourage you all to see it, though. There’s a really great moment when this guy plays a song for a girl he’s loved since high school, and you get to watch Scott Porter from Friday Night Lights beat box. FYI, he’s white. It also features a lot of man candy such as Channing Tatum and Justin Long, and major comedy from Parks and Recreation's Chris Pratt. So if you’re in the mood to imagine all the relationships you wish you had, but don’t, watch this movie.

If you’re into a movie about pretentious people talking about whose opinion matters more than the other, go see Liberal ArtsJosh Radnor, whose only other role EVER has been Ted in How I Met Your Mother, plays an admissions counselor who goes back to his alma mater to visit an old professor. While he’s there, he begins flirting with the Olsen Twins’ little sister who has equally big bug eyes as her sibling counterparts. They start a relationship, but then he’s weirded out that he could pretty much be here dad, but she doesn’t really care. It features some good moments from Allison Janney (aka God) and Zac Efron, as a free spirit hippie man who gives Josh Radnor’s character sage advice from time to time. Check it out if you want to get all introspective on your college experience and genuinely laugh at how surprisingly funny Zac Efron can be.

If you’re looking for a movie that your boyfriend will watch with you and then forget about you being there because he’s more into the movie than you are, then watch Lawless. YOUR viewing pleasure comes in the delightful package of Shia LaBoeufTom Hardy, and Jason Clarke playing brothers who sell moonshine during the Prohibition era in rural Virginia. As someone who has lived in Virginia in the 21st century, these guys make it look way more interesting that my own experiences. Your boyfriend will love it because it’s supremely violent and he’ll see boobs at some point. Rent this if you want to spend time figuring out what the hell Tom Hardy is saying with his country accent and watch his throat split open, like completely open.

If you’re in the mood to watch something THISCLOSE to being a porno that is the simultaneously the most hilarious and uncomfortable thing you’ll ever watch, then check out For a Good Time, Call. Ari Graynor is my comedy superhero, and if you don’t already know who she is, you won’t ever forget after this movie. Add to it Seth Rogen’s real life wife, Lauren Miller, as her frenemy turned roommate/business partner and Justin Long, as their mutual gay best friend, and you have a recipe for awesome. The girls have no money or jobs so they start a phone sex line to make a living. Between what they have to say to their customers, and the borderline-lesbian tension shared by the two of them, this movie is totally awkward from start to finish. Redbox it if you think you are completely screwed up and need an example of people worse than you that makes you feel better about yourself.

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