Forget The Oscars, Here Are The 2013 Movies I Can’t Wait To See

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It's 2013, which means that movie tickets are about $500 each. And even though I feel like there are so many better things I can purchase instead of a movie ticket, I just love going to see movies. Maybe it's because I can sit in a dark room and have nobody talk to me for two hours (and since it's so dark, people can't see that I'm eating five large popcorns and judge me for it).

And while 2012 was a great year for movies, it seems like 2013 is going to be way better. For one, there's like 1500 Ryan Gosling movies coming out this year (so you know what Anna Kendrick and I will be doing in those dark theaters). But there's also movies that don't star RyGos and they also look good — which I thought to be impossible before making this list.

So here's the ultimate list of all the movies that I can't wait to see in 2013.

1. The Spectacular Now

This movie stars Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley (and they both won acting awards for it at the Sundance Film Festival). It seemed like it was going to be just another cliche teen movie, but it got amazing reviews when it premiered at Sundance. It's about a boy whose girlfriend breaks up with him, and then he's drawn to the nice girl. It sounds simple, but it seems like it's going to be way more complex…and it was written by the same guys who did (500) Days of Summer…so get ready to have some emotions.

2. Only God Forgives

The token Ryan Gosling movie on this list. I don't really know the plot. I just know that RyGos is a tattooed man who gets beat up? And maybe beats people up? But that's really all I need to know because let's be honest, I would pay to see a movie where Ryan Gosling just sits in a chair and does nothing. As long as I get to see those sultry eyes.

3. Admission

This movie stars Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, so I already know I'm going to laugh the whole time and then probably quote it for the next four years. Tina Fey plays an admissions officer for Princeton and she goes to Paul Rudd's town. Paul Rudd's character works at a high school and used to be Tina Fey's character's friend when they went to college. When he suspects that one of his most gifted students is the son she gave up for adoption, her life changes in a big (and I'm assuming hilarious) way.

4. Don Jon's Addiction

Joseph Gordon Levitt‘s directorial debut premiered at Sundance, and it's already been picked up by a big studio and is going to be released very soon (and JGL was adorbs when he heard the good news). The movie is about a guy who is addicted to internet porn, and he objectifies women. He's unhappy with his sex life and wants sex to be gratifying. So, Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore teach him a thing or two, or 69.

5. Spring Breakers



I cannot wait for this movie. I live for Disney stars who try to do sexier, adult roles when they are done with ole Mickey Mouse. So yes, I will watch Selena Gomez play a prostitute, and I will love every single second of it. Also, James Franco plays a weird character named Alien, so that's cool I guess.

6. The Great Gatsby

Geez, haven't we waited long enough for this one? It was supposed to come out in December, but the release got pushed back to May. So, in about three months we can finally see this film. Now, I've seen the Robert Redford version, and while he's a pretty hot guy, nobody really compares to Jack Dawson Leonardo DiCaprio.We all know the plot because we had to read the book in high school and analyze it for about two months and then get tested on it. So I won't explain that, but I will tell you Jay-Z is helping out with the movie's score…so now you have to buy a ticket.

7. The Internship

Okay, look. This movie is probably not going to be amazing and Oscar-worthy, but I bet it will really hit home for most of us. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are in their 40s, and they get fired from their jobs. The they have to get internships at Google. I have been an intern for the last four years, and while I'm grateful for the experience, it's awful work. And I can't wait for this movie to make fun of the whole ‘being an intern' lifestyle.

8. Oz the Great and Powerful

No, this isn't Wicked the movie or a remake of the flawless Wizard of Oz. This movie takes place before the Dorothy ever followed the yellow brick road. It stars James Franco as the Wizard and other all stars like Mila Kunis and  Michelle Williams. It's the story of how the wizard went from being an ordinary man to being a great and powerful sorcerer that rules the city. It's going to be way different than Franco's role in Spring Breakers.

9. Upstream Color

This movie got rave reviews after premiering at Sundance. Apparently, it's a very trippy romantic, science-fictiony story about a woman who is drawn to a man and they are ”entangled in the life cycle of an ageless organism. Identity becomes an illusion as they struggle to assemble the loose fragments of wrecked lives,” says IMDB. I would be skeptical about seeing it, but after all of the amazing reviews and hearing that critics couldn't stop talking about the film, I'll definitely be buying a ticket.

10. The To-Do List

This quirky comedy about a high school grad trying to get more sexual experience before college would sound cliched if not for it's amazing cast. Parks and Rec's Aubrey Plaza stars as the high school grad trying to American Pie herself. She's joined by (get ready for this) awesome actors like Alia Shawkat, Connie Britton, Bill Hader and Donald Glover. After seeing Aubrey Plaza pull off the leading lady role in Safety Not Guaranteed, I'm sure she's going to be able to turn this classic high school romp into something hilarious.

11. Fruitvale


Although Fruitvale sounds like a horribly depressing movie to watch, it started getting Oscar buzz right after it premiered at Sundance this year. Michael B. Jordan stars in the true story about the slaying of 22-year-old Oscar Grant in the Fruitvale Bart Station in 2009.  The always impressive Octavia Spencer stars as Oscar's mother in this tearjearking story that we're probably going to hear a lot about during next year's award season.

12. Man of Steel

Every year we're seeing more and more superhero movies and it's getting hard to keep track of all of them. However the thought of Henry Cavill playing Superman in this reboot of the popular franchise is enough to make us look forward to seeing this movie in theaters.  Did I mention that he's British? Throw in Amy Adams as Lois Lane and we're already obsessed with this blockbuster.

13. Catching Fire

You're going to go see this no matter what. There's nothing I can tell you that you don't already know about The Hunger Games. Let's just all go see it at midnight together. Maybe Jennifer Lawrence will come with us?