Just A Few Creative Takes On The Mad Men Theme Song To Get You Pumped For The Finale

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Just A Few Creative Takes On The Mad Men Theme Song To Get You Pumped For The Finale Zou Bisou Bisou Mad Men gif

Mad Men is ending this weekend, you guys. I can’t believe that after Sunday night I won’t get to watch Don Draper make any more bad decisions or gather new moments to add to my “Sally Draper Is The Best” scrapbook. To console myself during this difficult time, I’ve been playing the show’s opening credits song on repeat and crying.

Once I’d heard that same 30 seconds enough times, I decided maybe it was time I looked up some different versions. It’s one of the most famous theme songs on the air today — and of all time, let’s be honest — so there have been plenty of covers and parodies and versions with lyrics added. So to get us pumped for the end of an era this weekend,  I thought I’d round up some of the most creative and interesting takes on the song and share them with you. But first let’s take a quick look at the song’s origins.

Here’s the song as it appears on the show.


And here’s the full version of the song.

It’s called “A Beautiful Mine” by RJD2 and wasn’t even intended for the show. It originally appeared on a collaborative album with rapper Aceyalone.

And here’s the song that song samples.

It’s Enoch Light’s version of “Autumn Leaves.”

Now let’s hear Allison Williams’ take on the tune.

If you’re a fan of Allison you’re probably aware that in 2010 she performed a version of the Mad Men theme song mashed up with Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy.” If not, then surprise!

Of course Weird Al has his own version.

At least year’s Emmys, Weird Al added lyrics to various instrumental TV themes, including Mad Men. My favorite line? “Jon Hamm’s never won an Emmy. Oh, who cares? He’s still Jon Freaking Hamm.”

And here’s a cat singing it.

This is the Internet. Of course there’s a version of the Mad Men theme song made from cat’s meows. Did you really think there wouldn’t be?

And another cat.

Because you can never have enough cat parodies.

It’s also been used for a Christmas light display.

Pretty rad, right?

Here’s a really awesome all-bass cover.

It’s by Adam Ben Ezra and includes some really cool sounds, as well as an appropriately retro ambience.

You want it on piano? Here you go.

It’s very haunting, and I kind of love it.

And of course no list is complete without a cappella.

This sounds waaaay better than when I try to sing the song in the shower.

And finally, here it is as a 1980s video game.

Because why the hell not?

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