10 Amazing Lorde Songs That You’ll Love More Than ‘Royals’

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Would it be totally blasphemous if I said there once was a time when I didn’t like “Royals,” or Lorde for that matter? Probably. I can already see you all sharpening your tongues to launch a Belieber-like assault on me, but I am simply being honest (or carelessly blunt… same difference). Then again, you know a song has run its course when even the artist is tired of hearing it.

If it were up to me, I'd give the song a Razzie for Most Annoyingly Popular Song of the Year… but I don't wanna be too much of a big meanie. But it was all going downhill for Lorde and I until I took a chance and listened to the rest of Pure Heroine. In it, I found a trove of other playlist-worthy songs: “Ribs” reminded me why I love boys so much, “Tennis Court” made me want to talk it up like “yeah” and “A World Alone” gave me more of a reason not to give a crap about what anyone thinks of me, which explains why I wake up #flawless and feeling like Beyonce everyday (no filter).

So when it’s all said and done, the world will pretty much be in the witchy-palms of Lorde, and I’m totes okay with that so long as “Royals” doesn’t play in the background during The Pledge of Allegiance. So here are 10 other non-“Royals” songs by our girl Lorde that I’d be more than willing to do the dinosaur-disco to:

1. Ribs

Even though “adorbs” and Lorde are not all that synonymous with one another, the Sour Patch pop princess scored big with this bubblegum, teenage tune. Nothing says, “I love you,” like listening to a song called “Lover’s Spit” over and over… amiright?

2. Buzzcut Season

Although in my spare time, I’m more likely to stalk follow the fellas sporting the James Dean look, buzzcut boys can quite the catch too, almost as catchy as this song.

3. Team

Chances are you’re already Team Lorde, but you can’t be fully initiated into our little ghoul gang just yet until you’ve listened to our awesome anthem.

4. Tennis Court

She may not be moved by smooth-talking, pretentious a-holes (another cool point for Lorde) but this icebreaker certainly left a lasting impression on everyone and will turn up any crowd.

5. A World Alone

Living in a world alone would probably be ideal for Lorde, but a world without the sweet sounds and even sweeter lyrics of this song is totally out of the question.

6. Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Giving songs a darker and moodier tone is pretty much expected from Maleficent‘s daughter and is at the top of her resume, making her Tears For Fears cover all the more genius.

7. White Teeth Teens

This song practically raises the middle finger to every snarky punk from high school who said, “You can't sit with us.” Thanks to Lorde, us misfits have this mantra that stings worse than any Burn Book. Up yours, Regina George!

8. Glory and Gore

With expert celebrity disser adviser and master of the bed head look already on her list of unfair talents, might as well check off femcee prodigy too.

9. No Better

Everyone likes a person with morals but who also isn't afraid to do what they want and Lorde doesn't mind going all the way, as long as the fun is worth it all… [press play] to fall in love with her all over again.

10. Million Dollar Bills

It's a no brainer that the girl is probably more than able to afford a bed made of millions of dollars. So… slumber party at Lorde's place then?