Best Husband Ever John Legend Threw Chrissy Teigen One Amazing Birthday Party

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Best Husband Ever John Legend Threw Chrissy Teigen One Amazing Birthday Party John Legend and Chrissy Teigen in Vegas May 2014 640x366 png

On his seemingly neverending quest to make all other husbands, boyfriends, and significant others look bad, John Legend threw Chrissy Teigen a surprise party for her 30th birthday that put all others to shame. The party at New York City’s Comedy Cellar had some amazing sounding food from Momofuku (korean fried chicken wings, always a winner), music from DJ Nice and, oh yeah, a comedy set from none other than Dave Chappelle.

That time your boyfriend took you to Chili’s for your birthday isn’t looking so special now is it? Cue Chrissy Teigen ugly crying face gif.

The night was capped off with John serenading Chrissy with “Happy Birthday” as she was presented with a cake so delicious looking it almost brought a tear to my eye. John was probably saving a performance of “All of Me” for her actual birthday, which happens to be today, as to not completely drown everyone at the party in their own tears. Chrissy clearly enjoyed the party tweeting, “I can’t imagine a single thing more I wanted out of my twenties. Greatest friends and family ever, ever, ever.”

And now my longest streak of not being insanely jealous of Chrissy Teigen is over. Maybe I’ll make it two whole weeks one of these years.

Now that we know the caliber of parties John can throw, we can only imagine what Chrissy and him will put together after the birth of their child next year. I mean that kid will have some amazing birthday parties. Dishes and dishes of delicious treats from Chrissy’s upcoming cookbook? More dogs to join the Legend’s brood of adorable pups? A kid friendly perfomance by Beyoncé? It’s all in the realm of possibility.

(Photo: Judy Eddy / WENN.com)