Best Funeral Ever Is A Real TLC Show And This Is A Real Trailer For It

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Best Funeral Ever Casket with lights TLC

The upcoming TV special Best Funeral Ever exists. In real life. You're not dreaming right now. This isn't an acid trip gone awry. This show's airing YOUR TV on December 26th at 8 PM. So enjoy whatever you find under that Christmas tree on the 25th, but know that it's nothing compared to what you'll find the next day when you turn on your TV.

Every time I think TLC can't out-TLC themselves, they do. It's amazing. I would go as far as to say miraculous. From the Half-Ton Killer to Breaking Amish to Extreme Cougar Wives, they continue to excel at profiling people that you never even knew you wanted profiled. Of course once it's aired, you're all like “duh, I can't believe I've never thought about extreme cougar wives before!” But before it's aired and before it's even teased, the thoughts don't even cross your mind. Not even when you're playing drunken Mad Libs do you even come close to these ideas crossing your mind.

Luckily TLC hired the maddest of mad men alive and continues to produce shows that emphazie their hidden brilliance. It's TV that you can't NOT watch. It's like Liz & Dick, but every single day of every single week.

So with no further ado, let's talk about Best Funeral Ever. From the press release I received:

For most of us, death is a time to mourn and shed tears for the departed. For others, it’s a time to honor their loved ones and celebrate the life through services that turn the traditional funeral on its head.  In the one- hour special, BEST FUNERAL EVER, TLC goes inside the Dallas-based Golden Gate Funeral Home where John Beckwith Jr. and his staff organize the most unique ceremonies in the country, called home-going celebrations.

“A home-going is much different than a funeral, it’s a celebration, explains John Beckwith, Jr. The Golden Gate experience is our version of the traditional African American home-going celebration. We do not produce generic funerals; everybody’s experience has to be different.”

No expense is spared as Beckwith and his team creates memories that will last forever. Starting with the deceased’s occupation or passion in life, the Golden Gate staff works with the families to create a central theme for a memorial and then elevates it to an unforgettable party.

Are you chomping at the bit already? Willing time to speed up so that you can get an inside view of the Golden Gate Funeral Home? I know I am. I'm so excited that I just virtually married funeral-dj-party-planning-extraordinaire John Beckwith Jr. in hopes of one day running the GGFH with him (and subsequently starring on a TLC show).

How does this show exist and how does it impact what future societies will think of us when they unearth it in 1000 years?

That's something to ponder as you watch this trailer.