Best Funeral Ever Forces Us To Ask ‘What’s Your Funeral Theme Going To Be?’

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Up until last night the most defining moment of a young woman's life was her reaction to the final scene in When Harry Met Sally. But now after seeing TLC's Best Funeral Ever, we're forced to reconsider that commonly held notion. Could a woman's funeral theme be the most defining moment of her life?

Before you throw your embalming fluid at me, think about it. The last thing people remember after you die is your funeral. And if it was fun. Did the playlist set the right tone? Were there enough passed apps? Did the hired performers appropriately express their grief for your passing through interpretive dancing? These are all questions you're going to ask yourself after you die. I assure you that there's nothing worse than spending your time in Heaven listening to your living family members complain about your poor funeral planning. Haunting people isn't as easy as you'd think.

Best Funeral Ever Carnival theme

John Beckwith Jr. knows this. He's the CEO of Golden Gate Funeral Home and he understands that every funeral's actually an opportunity for a celebration. Or a homegoing as they call them in this show. While Silver Linings Playbook isn't based on his career, it's definitely his company's motto. Funerals aren't for crying and bawling and making long-winded speeches about a dead person. It's for celebrating their life and their accomplishments surrounded by the people who love them.

While at first I found the entire concept completely ridiculous, I changed my mind after watching the show. If you've ever attended a funeral, you know they're total buzzkills. But there's actually no reason for that. Why not celebrate someone's life? And why not do that with a theme that captures their very essence? It's really not the most horrible idea. Even if it comes across as slightly tasteless in a TV show called Best Funeral Ever.

Best Funeral Ever BBQ scene

In this one-hour special we saw three homegoings go down. From the barbecue picnic theme to the Christmas pageant theme to the carnival theme, they all managed to appropriately celebrate someone they loved. Yes, I found the professional mourner audition to be a little strange, but whatever works right? To each his own funeral. Everyone gets to grieve in their own way.

The biggest conclusion that we should all draw from this show is that you need to tell your loved ones your top three choices for funeral themes before you die. Why three? Well maybe your “All Around Europe” theme is too expensive. Yes, I know, you LOVED traveling through Europe during college. But requiring your friends and family to retrace your footsteps from your backpacking trip might be asking too much of them. Sure it's your funeral and sure it's your time to be selfish, but it's also your last chance to be considerate.

Also make sure to have a chocolate fountain. You can't ever go wrong with a chocolate fountain.