19 Amazing Crime Dramas Every Wannabe Detective Needs to Watch

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Who doesn't love to watch a good crime drama every now and again? There's something morbidly fascinating about watching shows focussed on murders, mystery, and intrigue. Maybe you want some crime-based escapism, or maybe you see yourself as a bit of an amateur detective. Either way, there are plenty of great shows out there to fulfill your crime show craving. There are contemporary dramas and ones set years, even centuries ago. There's comedy-dramas, fantasy-dramas, and good old thrillers. No matter what your particular tastes are, there's bound to be a series out there for you.

So that you don't have to trawl through every TV network and streaming service searching for a good show, we've listed a fair few of them here. If you're looking for a pretty lengthy show to keep you busy for a while, you're in the right place. Conversely, we've found a couple of shorter series for those who don't have time for extreme binge-watching. Either way, you’re going to find a ton of programs to add to your to-watch list!