12 Warm And Fuzzy Holiday Movies You Can Watch On Netflix This Season

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Thanksgiving is finally over, which means Americans can no longer hold back their yuletide insanity and we've officially entered holiday season. Every possible surface is dripping with Christmas lights, folks are practically consuming hot cocoa through an IV, and “Jingle Bells” is being played nonstop as if people's lives depended on it. In addition to all this, television stations are filling their programming line-ups with holiday movies.

But what if you're not really in the mood to watch those particular movies with commercial breaks in between? What if you want to choose your own movie and watch it whenever it's convenient for you? That's where Netflix comes in. They've got plenty of seasonal cinematic choices for you to stream at the click of a mouse, and because Crushable's always looking out for you, we've compiled twelve of the best choices in one handy post. There's something for everyone, whether you're a Scrooge who likes your stories a little bit cynical or a Christmas obsessive who flavors all your food with peppermint. Curl up nice and cozy and prepare to have your heart warmed.

1. I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Three words: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. There's a very good chance he was one of your '90s crushes. Here he plays a college student who gets stranded in the desert just before he needs to get home for Christmas with his girlfriend Jessica Biel (!!). Open up the holiday popcorn tin and get transported back to 1998.

2. Jack Frost

If you're in the mood for a little bizarre fantasy this holiday season, enjoy this movie in which Michael Keaton is reincarnated as a snowman the year after he tragically dies. You can also watch the other Jack Frost on Netflix, which is a horror movie about a murderous snowman. Take your pick.

3. The Polar Express

You may have read the classic children's book this film was based on when you were younger. Here it's adapted with computer animation and motion capture. The level of realism in Tom Hanks' character design creeps me out a little bit, but if you can handle it, go ahead and watch.

4. Love Actually

Everyone will be watching this movie this month. EVERYONE. If you haven't seen it yet you're probably going to want to fix that, because everyone you run into this season will want to discuss it. It stars every British person in history, so you're pretty much guaranteed to enjoy it.

5. Jingle All The Way

In an age where people are trampling each other on Black Friday to get the best deal on a flat-screen television, the crazy shoppers in this movie might seem pretty mild, but if you're a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sinbad (remember him?), this is the movie for you.

6. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

This might be the quintessential Christmas comedy. Chevy Chase reprises his role as Clark Griswold, who's struggling to create a great Christmas for his family. If you're a bit of a Grinch and enjoying seeing things go wrong during the holidays, you'll relish this film.

7. The Fitzgerald Family Christmas

If you like your Christmas movies more dramatic, check out this indie movie from Edward Burns that was released last year. It's about a family of adult children whose absent father wants to join their Christmas festivities — and divides the kids in half over whether to accept him. Connie Britton and her perfect hair co-star.

8. The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you're in the mood to have “This is Halloween” stuck in your head for hours, go ahead and enjoy this Tim Burton Classic. Jack Skellington leaves Halloween Town to try his hand at being Santa Claus for Christmas. This is a great choice for people who aren't ready to accept that Halloween is over (this girl).

9. One Magic Christmas

File this one under the “sentimental” category of Christmas movie. Mom crush Mary Steenburgen plays a stressed-out mother who's cynical about Christmas. A Christmas angel visits her to teach her the true meaning of the season.

10. Holiday in Handcuffs

Netflix has a wide selection of ABC Family Christmas movies, but perhaps none of them will compare to this classic starring acclaimed '90s actors Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez. Melissa kidnaps Mario and makes him pretend to be her boyfriend. Yep…

11. Nutcracker: The Motion Picture

Get classy this season with this film version of Tchaikovsky's ballet. There will probably be a lot of opportunities for you to see a live performance in the coming month, but who wants to get dressed and leave the house when you can just watch it on your computer?

12. White Christmas

Another very classy choice. Bing Crosby stars in Irving Berlin's classic movie musical. It'll make you want to sit around the piano singing Christmas carols with your family. If you have a piano. And the ability to sing.