The Celebrity Vines Of 2013 Ranked By How Many Times You Can Watch Them In A Row

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After years of trying to find a happy medium between a GIF (too short!) and a video (too long!), we finally found something that was just just right. Yes Goldilocks, I’m talking about the Vine. While it’s not as popular as it was when it first launched months ago, I still think it’s one of the top inventions of this year — sandwiched right in between  Orange is the New Black, the cronut and Lorde. So in honor of this fine invention and in honor of putting everything that happened this year into some sort of list, I present the best 11 celebrity vines of 2013, ranked by how many times in a row I can watch them.

11. Jimmy Fallon transforms into David Bowie

There’s nothing, and I do mean nothing, more beautiful than a fast-forwarded makeover. Sure I would’ve preferred if he’d gone from geek to chic (also known as glasses to contacts), but I’ll take celeb to a different celeb too.

10. Wiz Khalifa talks food, in the same way we all talk food Been there. Done that. Several times. Food has yet to appear in front of my face though. Proving for the zillionth time that I’m not Matilda. 9. Niall Horan does a crazy and xtreme stunt. Minus the crazy and extreme part.

Well, this is about on my level of stunts. Okay, you’re right. This is above my level of stunts, but it still gives me something to aspire toward!

8. Taye Diggs trips on a chairCan we get an “oooooffffff” up in here? 7. Arrested Development’s “There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand” comes to life

This makes me hungry. For bananas and also for Arrested Development. So please excuse me while I go binge watch the fourth season. Again.

6. Josh Peck imitates a teenage temper tantrum. Perfectly. If you’ve ever met a teenager or been one yourself, you know that this impression’s 100% accurate. And as someone with many teenage interests (and/or a vast knowledge of celebrities under the age of 18), I love it. 5. Alison Brie dances with just enough enthusiasm

I’m dancing. Are you dancing? I hope so, because the instructions were clear: everybody dance now.

4. Tyra Banks has a pretend conversation with Jennifer Lawrence Looks like Twitter isn’t the only place where Tyra Banks practices her stand-up comedy routine.. She continues to prove that she’s our country’s finest unintentional comedian. 3. Random dude records his neighbor dancing to “Blurred Lines”

Even though this song crossed the line from catchy to I’ll kill you if you play it one more time, this is still totally ahmazing.

2. Dianna Agron throws Taylor Swift major side eye One time I made a wish on a star that someone would capture celeb-on-celeb side eye on social media. And another time it came true. In conclusion, magic is real. 1. Two guys in a car do the best rendition of “Cups” ever renditioned

Because this is what happens when “Cups” starts playing and you get too into it, too fast.