Open Thread: Which Celebrity Gives The Best Interviews?

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Taylor Swift heart break GIF from Shake It Off video(via)

If there's one thing I learned from Taylor Swift‘s publicity tour for The Giver, it's that giving a good interview as a celebrity is an art…and not one that she happens to be skilled in.

It had never really occurred to me before that it might be difficult to tell a story in front of an audience, because so many famous people are good at that, but if someone isn't good at it, it's super glaring. No matter how great your stories are, if you aren't good at telling them, they're gonna come out suuuuper boring. To the point that not even extra funny hosts like Jimmy Fallon or Seth Meyers can drag out of them in an interesting way.

Watching Taylor slog her way through stories that I have trouble even staying awake for, I can't help but wish that the same material was in the hands of someone a little more skilled at an interview. Someone like Emma Stone or Kristen Bell or Lizzy Caplan, all people who consistently do interesting, engaging, likable interviews. They really do kill it every time.

Emma Stone nodding with a jar GIF(via)

I'm not sure what their secret is to coming off so open and genuine (I think something about their combination of self-deprecation and confidence?), but Taylor could stand to learn a thing or two from them in a big way. I mean, at least throw some humor in there or something. Some of us are busy trying to like you!

But what do you guys think? Can you come up with other celebrities who consistently do really great interviews? Mine were all women for some reason, but you can do people of either gender, and even include a YouTube clip of a particular interview you liked, if you wanna!