15 British Celebrities We Wish We Could Claim For America

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Amy Maya British accent SNL


The 67th British Academy Film Awards (or the BAFTAs, if you're lazy) will be held this Sunday, February 16th, in London, and will air in the states on BBC America. The BAFTAs award the best films from any nation that were screened in British theaters during the past year. Very funny British person Stephen Fry will be hosting the show for the ninth time.

If you, like me, are an Amurrican, you probably have an unhealthy fascination, dare I say obsession, with British people. We were really able to put that whole Revolutionary War thing behind us and totally embrace the Brits with open arms. If we're being honest, we mostly like to listen to their accents. But in addition to that, there are just so many lovely and talented and hilarious and enviably classy British celebrities whom we wish we could claim for America. Sure a lot of them work and even live here in the states, but we want them totally and completely to ourselves. Here are just fifteen of them.

1. One Direction


If you don't smile from ear to ear while watching a One Direction music video, you probably also don't smile when a puppy and a kitten become best friends. And yes, they count as one person.

2. Daniel Radcliffe


Speaking as a non-Harry Potter fan (don't hurt me), I can be totally unbiased when I say that I think Daniel Radcliffe is hilarious and delightful. And he's totally up for talking about horse sex, which I admire.

3. Emma Watson


Once again, I'm not a Harry Potter fan, and I'm also not a fan of Emma Watson's acting if we're being totally honest, but I am a fan of Emma Watson and her bookish ways.

4. Benedict Cumberbatch


Those cheekbones! That voice! If you don't “get” the Benedict hype, watch one second of Sherlock and you'll be converted. He also helped bring to life the greatest dragon to ever grace the silver screen, but no biggie.

5. Tom Hiddleston


How did I know what the word “adorable” even meant before I was introduced to Tom Hiddleston? He's talented and sweet and fun-loving and totally up for impromptu dancing. Can I keep him?

6. Helen Mirren


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Nobody is as cool as Helen Mirren. NOBODY. She dyed her hair pink, got a tattoo with a safety pin, and twerks on command. We are not worthy.

7. Adele


Words cannot express how much I want to be friends with Adele. Words also cannot express how much I want Adele to release new music. What's taking so long?!

8. Andrew Garfield


He plays an American convincingly in the Spider-Man movies, but we know he's totally hopelessly British. He's also totally, hopelessly adorable with his girlfriend Emma Stone.

9-10. Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen


There are no better besties in the whole wide world than Sir Ian and Sir Patrick. They're starring on Broadway together, they're both in the X-Men movies, and they're both legends in their own right.

11. Emma Thompson


How have we been ignoring Emma Thompson for so many years? She has been killing it this award season, and I'm just sad she's not nominated for an Oscar because I fear that means she won't show up. We need more drunken shenanigans!

12. Colin Firth


Colin Firth is the only Mr. Darcy there is for me. How is he so consistently wonderful and charming and ughhh he's just so good-looking.

13. Kate Middleton


I could have included the whole royal family, since I'm a little bit too obsessed with them, but if I'm being completely honest it's mostly about Kate. I just can't believe anyone can be that classy and beautiful and sweet and shiny-haired at all times.

14. Idris Elba


……… Sorry what was I saying? I was busy staring at Idris Elba and marveling at how attractive he is. Seriously, have you looked at him? Just take a few minutes to stare. You won't regret it. Oh, and he's also crazy talented, which doesn't hurt.

15. The Beckhams

David and Harper Beckham kiss cam 2013(via)

I'm just including the entire Beckham family as one unit here, because they are so close to perfect that I think it should be illegal. The sight of David and his daughter Harper on the kiss cam makes me melt into a puddle.